Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a certain amount of money to work with you?


One great thing about Missouri Hills is we understand that not everyone has large amounts of money to invest right away.

That's why we have a monthly subscription model so anyone can have access to financial advice.

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Why would I need a financial advisor?

Financial advisors can evaluate your situation from an objective perspective, and bring expertise to decisions about how you should invest your money, what your financial priorities should be, and help protect you from any financial catastrophes.

Also, there is a research report by Vanguard that shows investors who have a financial advisor average 3% more in net returns than investors who don’t have an advisor.

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In today's world, laws and regulations are changing all the time (just like your life & financial picture) so it's important to be in the know to avoid making costly mistakes.

Do you only handle investments?


A common misconception about financial planning is that it only consists of picking stocks or mutual funds and hoping they go up.

At Missouri Hills, we offer both financial planning and investment services. Whatever your needs may be, we'll put together a plan to help you pursue your goals.

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